In general, drinking wine cannot lead to weight gain, according to extensive medical research. In fact, in moderation wine could be the new diet drink. But you need to know how to drink!

woman drinking wine

Alcohol can be a big health challenge for women. You can overcome that challenge by eliminating drinking altogether or by taking the necessary steps to overcome that challenge. Most of us agree to a nice glass of wine after a delicious meal or maybe two. However, did you know that consuming too much of wine can influence and affect your weight? Over drinking may cause your metabolism to come to a halt, storing the calories into fat, which may reduce the chances of your body burning fat.

5.3 million Women in the US consume and abuse alcohol to the point where it threatens their health, well-being and safety.

Consuming Too Much Wine May Lead To:

  • Increased food appetite and cravings
  • High Level Stress
  • Liver Malfunctions
  • Irritating Hangovers
  • Metabolism Halt
  • Heart Disease
  • Brain Disease
  • Discoloration in lips
  • Cancer

All alcohol beverages have calories and carbs included. Reading your wine labels and doing research are also important because all wines are imported and made differently and contain calories and carbs.You might want to just take a couple of minutes and read the calories before consuming. Some wine contains the "heart healthy label" which is beneficial for us. By just consuming anything can Influence women's body weight

I have done some research and found the basic types of wine and wanted to share this example:

  • Red Wines - Serving Size - (3.5 fl oz.) Carbs (1.75g)
  • Rose Wine - Serving Size - (3.5 fl oz.) Carbs (1.5g)
  • White Wine -Serving Size - (3.5 fl oz.) Carbs (1g)

The Question is can us women continue to consume wine?

Yes, we can. As long as you are not over drinking. I myself practically love to enjoy a glass of wine on my birthday, New Years and Christmas. If you are a special occasion drinker, that is fine as long as you stick to the one glass rule. You should be fine. There should not be an issue with drinking on a non-occasion as well, just stick to the one glass rule and do not overdo it. Studies show say that drinking wine moderately can lower your cholesterol, boost your brain, and eliminate weight gain. Did you know that resveratrol, a natural compound found in grapes and red wine reduces the number of fat cells? Scientists believe that some day resveratrol may be used to treat obesity.  Another similar substance, known as piceatanno, found in grapes and wine, has also been found to promote weight loss.


Eating before consuming wine is also crucial. Even with the one glass rule, it is very important to eat a meal before consuming alcohol. Not eating prior to consuming wine may cause disturbing side effects.

So on the positive side drinking wine is ok for us women as long as we use it moderately. I just recommend these tips prior to consuming wine. (1) Do your research on the brand, calories etc..., I still find myself doing research on anything before it touches my body. It may be time consuming but believe me it is worth it especially when it comes to your health (2) Make sure you eat a proper meal before consuming any alcohol beverage. (3) Be moderate stick to the one glass rule.

I hope this article has been helpful to many women. It is very important that us women remain healthy and continue to be role models for our children and continue to keep a safe society and world.

While drinking wine can have some weight loss benefits, the alcohol contained in the wine is NEVER healthy. If you want to lose weight, you should focus on a well balanced diet, like that provided by Nutrisystem or Weight Watchers. Both diets have been proven in laboratory research to effectively and safely promote weight loss. Here is a good read about Nutrisystem meal replacement diet and Weight Watchers.