Hi there, my name is Patricia and I’m a mom of two beautiful (and busy) boys ages 2 and 5 living in the land of dreams aka USA.

I reside in Akron, OH, and enjoy being a stay at home mum. It allows me to bond with my two bountiful angels as well as affords me the time to enjoy my favorite pastimes such as baking, gardening and of course trawling the net for online saving options!

Being a career orientated woman before (I used to work as a PA in a well-established law firm) I understand how tough it can be to survive and afford your family the basic needs whilst living on one income, (my husband is a wonderful guy, dedicated to ensure that we are well-taken cared of) but times are tough and I wish to support and help my husband in any way that I can.

The fact you came across my blog indicates that you, as everyone else, is trying to make a decent savings in the tough economic times we’re all facing.

The first time I used a coupon when shopping online (trying to find a decent play gym for my oldest son) I saved close to $15! It was a savings that eventually went into our family “piggy bank”, which grew at a rapid rate, as I started using online couponing options as a savings method when shopping for certain stuff we needed.

I began this blog in order to allow others to save money as well, by utilizing the genius method of couponing! Many friends and family were impressed by my money saving skills (they always asked me for tips and advice regarding online couponing), and hence, this blog was born.

As any woman can relate to, I enjoy shopping and I enjoy buying things at a discounted rate. As I purchase products online, I share and publish the various coupon/promotion codes and savings deals I come across onto the blog. These deals and coupons include items ranging from clothes for my boys to groceries and more.

Just the other day I ordered a bunch of flowers, personal care items and even nappies for my 2 year old (potty training has yet to begin) at a really good rate using the various coupon codes I had, allowing me to make a really great savings in the process. These items were also delivered within 24 hours, all this, without setting a foot outside of my home!

If you enjoy saving, looking for bargains and even just shopping on the whole, then I hope my blog can inspire you to save both time and money. Please peruse my blog at your leisure and if you have any feedback (positive or negative), comments or questions please contact me at any time!

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